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1. A variety of French grape now cultivated especially in Argentina, used to make red wine, including Bordeaux and an Argentine varietal.
2. A medium- to full-bodied red wine made from this grape.

[French malbec, of unknown origin.]


1. (Plants) a black grape originally grown in the Bordeaux region of France and now in Argentina and Chile, used for making wine
2. (Brewing) a rustic mid-bodied red wine made from this grape
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Held at the Davis campus, the program highlighted the Institute's 20-year journey to elevate Argentine wine and its collaboration with UC Davis in the study of Malbec and phylloxera.
75 at Asda) Recently Tesco told us their annual sales of malbec had soared by 200 per cent.
MALBEC is the undisputed king of Argentinian red wine.
Alamos Wines has announced new Malbec and Torrontes Argentinian wines.
99 doesn't have the jaw-dropping grab-itwhile-you-can appeal of the malbec but is still worth every penny.
Sam Wylie-Harris shortlists some purple beauties to celebrate World Malbec Day next Friday ARGENTINA is famous for its rich, red malbec, where the grapes can flourish in high-altitude vineyards and the sun-kissed fruit comes into its own.
Argentinian malbec has come to epitomize the delicious damson aromas and soft, velvety flavours that seduce wine lovers fond of an intense, fruity style.
ARGENTINA is famous for its rich, red malbec, where the grapes can flourish in vineyards planted at high altitude and the sunkissed fruit comes into its own.
Malbec, Torrontes and Bonarda, less familiar varietals, have firmly claimed their stake as backbones of Argentine wine growing.
98) Altamira Navigato Grand Reserve Malbec 2008 (Argentina).
The explosion in popularity of malbec red table wines, especially those from Argentina's high and dry Mendoza wine region in the shadow of the Andes Mountains, has led to terrific variety in style and prices.
The 56 new wines include three premium wines, The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Premier Cru, TrulyTruly Bio Bio Valley Irresistible Bio Bio Malbec and Truly Irresistible Leyda Valley Sauvignon Blanc.