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(ˈmɔl dən)

a city in E Massachusetts, near Boston. 53,490.
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The horns of the crescent slowly moved apart, until at last they formed a line from Hanwell to Coombe and Malden.
Finally we reached our destination--a little town called Malden, which is about five miles from Charleston, the present capital of the state.
At that time salt-mining was the great industry in that part of West Virginia, and the little town of Malden was right in the midst of the salt-furnaces.
In the midst of my struggles and longing for an education, a young coloured boy who had learned to read in the state of Ohio came to Malden.
She leaves two sons, Michael Gabriella of Worcester and Martin Gabriella of Malden and a daughter-in-law Carolann (Baglio) Gabriella of Malden; she was predeceased by her husband of 55 years Michael D.
MTEC, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary, will use finances to pay costs for tutoring and programs that will benefit Malden students.
Warwickshire LTA spokesman Bob Malden has donned sack-cloth and ashes after commiting one of tennis's deadly sins.
Properties include the two-bedroom Malden and the two-bedroom, two bathroom Vermont.
com)-- ML Athletics and Lynnfield Boot Camp Join Forces and Launches New Location in the Greater Boston Area at the Malden YMCA in Malden, MA.
BOSTON, June 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Bunker Hill Community College and Malden High School will sign a memorandum of agreement at the College on June 15, 2010, to continue offering college courses at Malden High School.
Sydney Prior, from Fulham, in south-west London, yesterday celebrated his 95th birthday at B&Q in New Malden, Surrey, where he still works one full day every week.
Summary: Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden has died in Los Angeles at age 97, his agent has said.