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Of or relating to the Maldives or their people, language, or culture.
a. A native or inhabitant of the Maldives.
b. A person of Maldivian ancestry.
2. See Dhivehi.


(mɔːlˈdɪvɪən) or


1. (Placename) of or relating to the Maldives or their inhabitants
2. (Peoples) of or relating to the Maldives or their inhabitants
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of the Maldives
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Noun1.Maldivian - a native or inhabitant of MaldivesMaldivian - a native or inhabitant of Maldives  
Maldives, Republic of Maldives - a republic on the Maldive Islands; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1965
Asian, Asiatic - a native or inhabitant of Asia
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com)-- Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili has launched what is being hailed as the world's first gallery dedicated exclusively to contemporary Maldivian art with a recent exhibition of works by the cream of the island nation's artists in its capital, Male.
According to sources, the Maldivian High Commissioner also conveyed the same to Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar whom he met on Thursday morning to discuss other bilateral issues.
This was stated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Maldivian President Abdullah Yaamin Abdul Qayyum while addressing a join news conference after holding talks here on Thursday.
The resort will be built using local materials, bright colours and stylish furniture with the interiors designed to reflect the Maldivian culture and the spirit of travel.
Appeal blocked Nasheed insisted that Maldivian authorities blocked his appeal by not releasing the court transcripts necessary to file it.
DP World has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Maldivian government officials in Dubai for the development of the archipelago's ports and logistics industry.
Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, DP World vice-chairman Jamal Majid bin Thaniah and other officials from DP World and the Maldivian government at the signing ceremony in Dubai.
The official language is Maldivian (Dhivehi) and the Maldivian currency is Maldivian rufiyaa.
Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad during the meeting also praised the efforts of President Yameen to achieve the renaissance of youth and sports in his country and meet the aspirations of young Maldivian as well as strengthening his country's sports status, the statement added.
Local dishes, usually consisting of the staples of coconut, fish and starches also add some Maldivian flair to most menus, and are certainly worth tasting if you enjoy curry or seafood.
The contract to expand Male airport has been given to Beijing Urban Construction Group after the Maldivian government cancelled a USD$511 million deal with India's GMR Infrastructure two years ago.