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[Maldivean, from Hindi rupayā, rupiyā; see rupee.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of the Maldives, divided into 100 laari


(ˈru fiˌyɑ)

n., pl. -yaa.
the basic monetary unit of the Maldives.
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Maldivians who register for the Merana scheme will be eligible for a total coverage of 150,000 Maldivian Rufiyaa for the treatment they receive at Ninewells Hospital, which includes 10,000 Maldivian Rufiyaa for outpatient services.
The official language is Maldivian (Dhivehi) and the Maldivian currency is Maldivian rufiyaa.
"The Maldives government adopted a new exchange rate regime under which the Maldivian rufiyaa (MRF) will float in a band of 20 percent in either direction around a central parity of MRF 12.85 per U.S.