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(French malbrɑ̃ʃ)
(Biography) Nicolas (nikɔlɑ). 1638–1715, French philosopher. Originally a follower of Descartes, he developed the philosophy of occasionalism, esp in De la recherche de la vérité (1674)



Nicolas de, 1638–1715, French philosopher.
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Noun1.Malebranche - French philosopher (1638-1715)Malebranche - French philosopher (1638-1715)  
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Lo hace a traves, sobre todo, de sesudas incursiones en Descartes, MerleauPonty, Malebranche, Spinoza, el joven Hegel y Kierkegaard.
Malebranche on the Metaphysics and Epistemology of Particular Volitions, JULIE WALSH and ERIC STENCIL
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Los jansenistas, catolicos ultradevotos pero considerados heterodoxos por buena parte de la jerarquia eclesiastica, lucharian por medio de Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) y Antoine Arnauld (1612-1694), en un combate ideologico con teologos como Nicolas Malebranche (1638-1715) que mantenian una version mas cartesiana y racionalista de la salvacion como algo que sigue a una serie de reglas generales que muestran la sabiduria divina (p.
If we observe that 150 years earlier, Descartes and Malebranche declared confidently that animals were nothing more than "unconscious automatons, possessing neither thought, nor sensitivity, nor mental life of any kind," we can see how far we had come by Darwin's time.
If any of them attempts to relieve his suffering by surfacing, the devils guarding the lake--the Malebranche (21.
En este sentido, Francis Bacon y Nicolas Malebranche, entre otros, aseguraron que el asombro y la curiosidad eran un prerrequisito necesario para realizar investigaciones cientificas de entidades individuales mas detalladas.
Astell's work shows her to have been a well-informed reader of contemporary and earlier European philosophers, including not only Descartes but also Nicolas Malebranche and the Englishman John Norris.
Many of the poems center around theology and various musings on God and his existence, including those of Descartes, Pascal, Augustine, Malebranche, and Dante, often through dialogue with these thinkers of the past.
I finish with an example of this from Simondon's reading of Malebranche.