Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The colonists he ordered to stay now want to leave, being "malecontent with their long Stay there" and desiring to "see their own Country again before they dy'd" (201).
the last letters I had from any of them was by my partner's means; who afterwards sent another sloop to the place, and who sent me word, tho' I had not the letter till five years after it was written, that [the white inhabitants] went on but poorly, were malecontent with their long stay there ...
(18) Even Constance herself seems more emotionally self-indulgent and less self-possessed in Shakespeare, never showing the self-control she displays in The Troublesome Raigne (for example, in her advice to her son, "Goe in with me, reply not lovely boye; / We must obscure this mone with melodie, / Least worser wrack ensue our malecontent" [part 1, 901-3]), as if Shakespeare takes artistic pains to emphasize a typically "feminine" psychological dependency and emotional excess.
Nevertheless those two considerations of piety and allegiance had perhaps suppressed such unruly thoughts, if the malecontents of the times perceiving my distemper, had not taken that opportunity to enage me in their own (69)
Persons the government perceived as "malecontents, fanatics, and sectaries" were disarmed and placed under constant surveillance.(47) Throughout the nation, government forces tore down town walls and destroyed target ranges for both bows and guns (pp.