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Previously, Kenny saved his friend, Kiyomi, from death by cutting a deal with the Lord of the Underworld, Susano-wo, a malevolent god who wants to command all three of the Sacred Treasures.
A romantic subplot with Gemma Arterton''s spiritual guide sees him take on a series of beasts in his efforts to defeat the malevolent god Hades - the immortal killer of his family played by a hoarse Ralph Fiennes.
This is not Ithaca--what he sees before him is a vengeful illusion, the deception of some malevolent god.
Their incessant, cranked-up twitters begin to sound like the jeering of a malevolent god, or filmmaker.
What if you were an all mighty being with the ultimate power of divine intervention -- would you be a malevolent god or a benevolent god?
Even a small victory is a victory in the weary war with the malevolent God of Cards.
Although this advice is extremely sound, malevolent gods and appalling misfortune may conspire to make it appear ridiculous.
Humans do not understand the workings of these capricious and often malevolent gods, who nevertheless eventually do ensure that justice prevails.