Malicious prosecution

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(Law) a wanton prosecution or arrest, by regular process in a civil or criminal proceeding, without probable cause.
- Burrill.

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A fairly large number of shoppers alleged malicious prosecution, but the courts found evidence of a setup by store personnel in only 1 percent of the total cases.
North Wales Police denied allegations of assault and battery, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.
Mrs Hewins' solicitors have issued a writ at the High Court in London on the grounds of malicious prosecution and misfeasance - the wrongful use of legal authority - in public office.
Silcott, currently serving life for another murder, received an out-of- court settlement after suing Sir Paul Condon, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.
Winston Silcott has received a settlement of pounds 50,000 from the Metropolitan police for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution over the murder of Pc Keith Blakelock in the Broadwater Farm riot.
The Hodgetts family, from Bushbury in Wolverhampton, say they have written to the chief constable dozens of times listing complaints such as assault, trespass, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and fabricating evidence.
Pollack explained that "the Martins were willing to release these government officials from liability for malicious prosecution claims because the settlement agreement reflects that the Martins did not remotely engage in the conduct that the government had previously alleged.
A county corrections officer who had been arrested for official misconduct brought a [section] 1983 claim, alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution in connection with an investigation that officials conducted on him.
Marty Singer, Mr Travolta's lawyer, said the lawsuits were "absurd and ridiculous" and the actor was counter-suing for malicious prosecution.
NYSE: VRX) (TSX: VRX) formerly known as Biovail Corporation, have agreed to settle Gradient's Arizona action against Valeant for malicious prosecution arising out of two earlier actions filed by Biovail and its shareholders in state and federal courts in New Jersey.
A claim is now being made against Durham police for false imprisonment, wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution.
Matt Szabo, a spokesman for the city attorney, said the office had not received the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages for civil-rights violations and malicious prosecution.