Malignant lymphoma

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a fatal disease characterized by the formation in various parts of the body of new growths resembling lymphatic glands in structure.

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Malignant lymphoma of the testis, epididymis and spermatic cord.
Diagnosis and treatment of lymphocytic leukemia and malignant lymphoma in a Pekin duck (Anas platyrhyncos domesticus).
Diffuse centrocytic malignant lymphoma with unusual sites--report on two cases with possible etiological factors.
To date, up to 80% of patients with the most common subtype of malignant lymphoma (diffuse large B-cell lymphoma), are cured of this aggressive disease by chemotherapy, in combination with the anti-lymphoma antibody Rituximab.
However, there have been instances of malignant lymphoma arising during treatment with low-dose methotrexate, which have regressed completely following withdrawal of methotrexate, without requiring active anti-lymphoma treatment.
Infections, multisystem organ failure and malignancies including malignant lymphoma are common causes of death in patients with MCD.
The diagnosis of primary malignant lymphoma of the breast must satisfy few criteria's like (i) adequate pathological evaluation (ii) both mammary tissue and infiltrates must be in close association and (iii) exclusion of either systemic lymphoma or previous extra mammary lymphoma is mandatory (6).
The MDR phenotype is also the major cause of treatment failure in patients with malignant lymphoma; however, findings regarding expression of the MDR1 gene/P-gp in malignant lymphoma patients are inconsistent (16-18).
Some cases have been associated with malignant lymphoma.
The antibodies attached with a heat-emitting chemical have been approved for the treatment of lung cancer, breast cancer, malignant lymphoma and prostate cancer in the United States and other countries,'' Kobayashi said.
Involvement of the prostate by malignant lymphoma is a well-known late manifestation of advanced nodal disease.
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