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Noun1.Mike Tyson - United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion (born in 1966)
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Scores of prominent elders and chieftains, including Malik Ayaz Khan, Malik Abdul Aziz Khan, Malik Shahtar Khan, Malik Shaheen Khan, Malik Dawood Khan, Malik Shah Wali Khan and others, shared their views about their decision to support JI candidates in the upcoming PA elections.
Malik Abdul Aziz, candidate for NA 52, and Qari Sohail Abbasi, candidate for NA 53, announced withdrawal of their nomination papers in favour of MMA candidates.
In a press conference, Tribal Elders Malik Abdul Aziz, Malik Hafiz ur Rehman, Malik Ayaz Khan, Malik Sultan Zaib, Malik Taj, Malik Faqeer, Malik Hazrat Noor, Malik Daud Shah and Malik Abdul Nasir said that positive changes in administrative system of FATA and reforms would warmly be welcomed.
Malik Abdul Aziz Khan was among the most committed tribal elders in the agency who had been working for elimination of militants from the area and he had been the chief of peace committee and anti militants Lashkar since 2009.
Inspector Malik Abdul Aziz said the scheme was continue
"Former Afghan King Mohammad Zahir Shah inked an agreement of friendship with Saudi Arabia's King Malik Abdul Aziz in Jeddah in 1932.
68/104 dated 28.1.1430H,the Ministerial Council approved the memorandum of cooperation between Darat Al Malik Abdul Aziz in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the National Archives House in the Republic of Sudan as signed in Riyadh on 18.8.2008.