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 (măl′ə-nôf′skē, mä′lĭ-), Bronislaw Kasper 1884-1942.
Polish-born British anthropologist who maintained that customs and beliefs have specific social functions.


(Biography) Bronislaw Kasper (brɔˈnislaf ˈkaspɛr). 1884–1942, Polish anthropologist in England and the US, who researched into the sexual behaviour of primitive people in New Guinea and Melanesia


(ˌmæl əˈnɔf ski, -ˈnɒf-)

Bronislaw Kasper, 1884–1942, social anthropologist, born in Poland.
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Noun1.Malinowski - British anthropologist (born in Poland) who introduced the technique of the participant observer (1884-1942)
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Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Congressman Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) sent a follow-up letter to Administrator Howard Elliott of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) requesting an update on where the special permit for Energy Transport Solutions, LLC to move liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail stands now that the public comment period has closed.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced the resolution from Malinowski, who is white but was born in Poland, earlier Monday in response to the tweets from Trump.
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He added: "There were special exceptions for persons who had spent over two years overseas engaging with work that had brought them in contact with native' life, and it was therefore thought that Kenyatta's previous personal experiences of his Kikuyu tribe made him a suitable student and was subsequently admitted as a special candidate."ANTHROPOLOGYWhen he arrived in London, Mr Kenyatta is said to have taken a keen interest in social anthropology, and came across the work of people like Prof Malinowski.
"Our vacancy rate couldn't keep up." The organization developed its own six-month training program and then learned about the apprenticeship program at IDOL, which they used starting with cohort 3, which graduated five months ago.<br />Saint Alphonsus has eight residents in cohort 4, six of whom are in Boise and two of whom are on the Nampa campus, said Cindy Malinowski, nurse educator specialist for critical care.
Judy Malinowski, 33, died in June 2017, two years after her 42-year-old ex-boyfriend Michael Slager torched her outside of a gas station near Columbus, Ohio.&nbsp;
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female undergraduates (Malinowski & Berger, 1996; Berger & Malinowski, 2006), (2) U.S.