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 (măl′är-mā′), Stéphane 1842-1898.
French poet and a founder of the symbolist school. His deliberately elliptical works, characterized by unconventional form and diction, include The Afternoon of a Faun (1876).


(French malarme)
(Biography) Stéphane (stefan). 1842–98, French symbolist poet, noted for his free verse, in which he chooses words for their evocative qualities; his works include L'Après-midi d'un Faune (1876), Vers et Prose (1893), and Divagations (1897)


(ˌmæl ɑrˈmeɪ)

Stéphane, 1842–98, French poet.
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Noun1.Mallarme - French symbolist poet noted for his free verse (1842-1898)Mallarme - French symbolist poet noted for his free verse (1842-1898)
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He knew Pater and Oscar Wilde, and he knows Mallarme and all those fellows.
Lawson and Clutton knew that Cronshaw's remark was an answer to the question about Mallarme.
The books he liked were queer; sometimes I would find him poring over the poems of Mallarme, and he read them as a child reads, forming the words with his lips, and I wondered what strange emotion he got from those subtle cadences and obscure phrases; and again I found him absorbed in the detective novels of Gaboriau.
27) Robert Greer Cohn suggests the poem is also 'a comment on the birth pains of Herodiade', especially since Herodiade 'is a princess of Edomite (Idumean) ancestry': Toward the Poems of Mallarme (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1965), p.
In 2005, Fredric Jameson published a career-spanning collection of essays on science fiction (implicitly, on popular culture), Archaeologies of the Future: The Desire Called Utopia and Other Science Fictions; the new volume under review here, The Modernist Papers, collects essays on the giants of highbrow, high-modernist literature (Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarme, Kafka, Mann, Joyce, Proust, Williams, Stevens, Stein .
Mary Ann Caws, Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature, English, and French at the Graduate School of the City University of New York, is a well-known translator of such surrealist and modernist French writers as Andre Breton, Rene Char, Stephane Mallarme, and author of many works on twentieth century avant-garde literature and creative perception, with particular emphasis on the intertextuality of art and poetry.
Nombres como Valery y Mallarme son completamente rastreables en la poesia guilleniana y en los objetivos que el poeta se propuso para la idea de un libro, una obra totalizadora.
The medium of glass allowed Wilmarth "to depict not the thing but the effect that it produces," in the words of Mallarme.
180), but especially the sense of sound, Alfred Tennyson early in life pondered the mystery of his name's sound, and Stephane Mallarme, the elliptical suggestor, found the epitome of the admired English poet's meaning in the reverberation of that sound through posterity.
Stephen Mallarme (1842-1898) es uno de los poetas mas trascendentes del siglo XIX frances y representa la culminacion del simbolismo; es uno de los pioneros de la vanguardia.
En su version definitiva, el soneto de Mallarme fue publicado por primera vez en 1887 (11).
Mission control scheduling and coordination (OPC) on the restructuring of local preparation for the half board of the college Stephane Mallarme in Fontenay Tresigny.