Malleable iron castings

articles cast from pig iron and made malleable by heating then for several days in the presence of some substance, as hematite, which deprives the cast iron of some of its carbon.

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manufacture of malleable iron castings, steel furniture and various machines);
But to be clear, the GM specification from August 1993 is titled Ferritic and Pearlitic (Armasteel) Malleable Iron Castings and shows the GM11M, GM86M, GM85M, GM84M and GM88M grades.
Overall, industry shipments of malleable iron castings fell from 1.
VS Guss AG), a maker of high-volume malleable iron castings up to 2 lb, moved from Holland, Michigan, to Troy, Michigan, to pursue auto and other applications.
foundries will supply an estimated 54,000 tons of malleable iron castings this year.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the company found that using Disamatics were well suited to making small (2-16 oz) thin-walled malleable iron castings.
Chinese capacity changes malleable iron castings from a scarce commodity to one that is abundant and price-driven.