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Noun1.Mallotus - capelinsMallotus - capelins        
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
capelan, capelin, caplin - very small northern fish; forage for sea birds and marine mammals and other fishes
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Purification and characterization of pepsins from the arctic fish capelin Mallotus villosus.
(2015) for the Capelin (Mallotus villossus) drying, where the moisture loss was slower for the samples with higher lipid contents.
Their varied diet is known to include capelin (Mallotus villosus), mysids (Mysida spp.), shrimp, and krill (Euphausiacea spp.) (Beck et al, 1993; Hammill et al, 2005).
The results are in according to another study on Funtumia elastic and Mallotus oppositifolius [31].
En cambio, en tejidos de algodon se han usado colorantes de Quercus infectoria, Mallotus philippinensis, y Punica granatum, los cuales presentan una importante inhibicion contra P.
revealed that the ursolic acid present in Mallotus peltatus extract (long used in traditional folk medicine) may partially account for the broad anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity of the plant.
Li) 5 Vorontsova & Petra Hoffmann Mallotus apelta (Loureiro) 4 Miiller Argoviensis M.
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As the determined technology developed, the PA was also detected within volatile oil from other plants, such as Herba Lysimachia paridiformis (22.54%) [5], Rhizoma Valeriana jatamansi jones (5.88%) [6], Rhizoma Nardostachys chinensis (4.5%) [7], Radix Mallotus apelta (4.48%) [8], Foliage Ficus microcarpa (4.05%) [9], Herba Pholidota cantonensis (3.60%) [10], Herba Asarum sieboldii (2.75%) [11], Herba Gendarussa vulgaris (2.68%) [12], Radix Helleborus thibetanus (0.811%) [13], Herba Sedum sarmentosum (0.53%) [14], Aquilaria agallocha (0.392%) [15], Pericardium Citri reticulatae (China: Xinhui, 0.178%; Guangxi, 0.162%; and Fujian, 0.086%) [16], Fructus Periploca forrestii Schltr.