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Noun1.Mallotus - capelinsMallotus - capelins        
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
capelan, capelin, caplin - very small northern fish; forage for sea birds and marine mammals and other fishes
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revealed that the ursolic acid present in Mallotus peltatus extract (long used in traditional folk medicine) may partially account for the broad anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity of the plant.
Li) 5 Vorontsova & Petra Hoffmann Mallotus apelta (Loureiro) 4 Miiller Argoviensis M.
They were treated with the combination of triclabendazole and levamisole, Mallotus philippensis and Fumaria indica Triclabendazole and levamisole combination was the most effective treatment in order followed by kamila (Mallotus philippensis) and shahtrah (Fumaria indica).
In Jammu & Kashmir study revealed that the openings (canopy gaps) are being occupied by Mallotus philippensis.
The first tube feeding consisted of a thin gruel preparation made of blended fish (capelin, Mallotus villosus) without bones or scales; the thickness of the gruel was increased throughout the second-day feedings.
2002: Changes in the vertical distribution of capelin Mallotus villosus off Newfoundland.
In the present study, the abovementioned natural products were isolated from Mallotus philippensis and their antioxidant and antiplasmodial activities were investigated.
Euphorbiaceae Chagol chotta 29 Mallotus Euphorbiaceae Sholok jhara philippinensis Muell 30 Phyllanthus Euphorbiaceae Baugari amarus Schum.
community type (m) 1 Choerospondias axillaris 1690 2 Helicia Clivicola 1750 3 Lindera communis 1781 4 Clerodendrum bungei 1813 5 Neolitsea chuii 1876 6 Cunninghamia lanceolata 1899 7 Castanopsis carlesii 1938 8 Pinus yunnanensis 1960 9 Mallotus barbatus 1982 10 Alnus nepalensis 2016 Table 2.
A histological study of development of oocytes in capelin, Mallotus villosus villosus (Mtiller).