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 (măl′ə-rē), Sir Thomas fl. 1470.
English writer of Le Morte d'Arthur, a collection of Arthurian romances adapted from French sources and published by William Caxton in 1485.


(Biography) Sir Thomas. 15th-century English author of Le Morte d'Arthur (?1470), a prose collection of Arthurian legends, translated from the French


(ˈmæl ə ri)

Sir Thomas, c1400–71, English author.
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Noun1.Malory - English writer who published a translation of romances about King Arthur taken from French and other sources (died in 1471)Malory - English writer who published a translation of romances about King Arthur taken from French and other sources (died in 1471)
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Saintsbury's well-considered Specimens of English Prose Style, from Malory to Macaulay (Kegan Paul), a volume, as we think, which bears fresh witness to the truth of the old remark that it takes a scholar indeed to make a [4] good literary selection, has its motive sufficiently indicated in the very original "introductory essay," which might well stand, along with the best of these extracts from a hundred or more deceased masters of English, as itself a document or standard, in the matter of prose style.
But the gentlemen persuaded Caxton until at last he undertook to "imprint a book of the noble histories of the said King Arthur and of certaine of his knights, after a copy unto me delivered, which copy Sir Thomas Malory tooke out of certaine bookes in the Frenche, and reduced it into English.
This is how Malory tells of the manner in which Arthur came to be king.
And so anon was the coronation made," Malory goes on to tell us, "and there was Arthur sworn unto his lords and to the commons for to be a true king, to stand with true justice from henceforth the days of his life.
Besides which, although nearly all the words Malory uses are words we still use, the spelling is a little different, and that makes it more difficult to read.
Malory made up none of the stories; as he himself tells us, he took them from French books, and in some of these French books the stories are told much better.
Malory is a recent graduate of ASU's Hugh Downs School, where she received her degree in communications.
TN's women are also unbeaten this season and Goodchild was delighted with his side's response to last week's criticism of a poor performance against Malory.
1485: Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory was published.
com)-- Stephanie Wardwell has recently listed 16650 Malory Court in Dumfries VA 22025.
Biblical Paradigms in Medieval English Literature: From Coedmon to Malory.