Malt house

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a house in which malt is made.

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the company leased 30,000 s/f in The Malt House, a 185,000 s/f project with several outdoor areas.
Audrius Pukas, 40, originally from Lithuania but also living at The Malt House, Roscrea, was pronounced dead at the scene after emergency services were called to the address at 2.
A malt house, or maltings, is where grain was turned into malt for the production of beer, whisky or certain foodstuffs.
During the course of the last 18 months, Mar City Homes has showcased an array of different developments, from the multiaward winning Malt House in Lichfield - a renovation of one of the last remaining malt houses in the country - to Green Point, a sustainable and innovative modular construction scheme in London.
We proudly told our friends we'd enjoyed a drink in The Malt House - just like President Clinton, who supped a pint there during the G8 Summit in 1998.
Appalachian White is also in use by another local establishment, Riverbend Malt House--the first malt house in the eastern United States.
Madison wasn't much of a whiskey town when we opened six years ago," recalls Bill Rogers, owner of The Malt House in Madison, WI.
The Torn Chandley bakery equipment is now being used to create a selection of savoury and sweet baked goods including; free-form sourdough, white, malt house, honey-oat and olive bread, tarts and cakes for the cafe and to take home, cheese rolls and scones.
The rye is a story in itself: It's a variety grown in North Carolina for over 200 years, and was kilned for brewing use by the River Bend Malt House, an artisanal maltster that started in Asheville, NC, in 2010 (River Bend Malt House is growing rapidly, and is now producing 12-16 tons of floor maltings a month).