Malt house

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a house in which malt is made.

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In 1906, the company's first modern malt house was built in Montreal.
Malthouse, Kirklees Estate A short distance from the barn is this rare surviving malt house from the late 17th century.
Jerry Salama, principal of The Janus Property Company, developer of the Manhattanville Factory District, said "Plowshares is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood, which includes the Sweets and Mink Buildings, as well as the 200,000 s/f Malt House and 350,000 s/f Taystee Building, both now under construction and scheduled for completion in 2019 and 2020, respectively.
11 December 2018 - The owners of Vermont, US-based malt house Peterson Quality Malt and the 125-room Hotel Vermont have partnered to purchase the 583-acre Nordic Farm, the principals said.
While he studied entrepreneurship in university, he said it was far from what he is doing with his brewery and malt house.
In the process of demolishing the 25.5 million-bushel grain storage and malting facility one of the last steel grain elevator complexes in the region a number of building components were taken out as artifacts to be provided to the Mill City Museum.<br />Another surprise was the necessity of removing a malt house that had been buried and covered up.<br />"It was between the elevators," said Hosier.
So send in your nominations today!" Good news for Buckley's Brewery Maltings in Llanelli: work has now started on the conversion of the Grade II-listed malt house and kiln buildings into 21 apartments.
Ithaca Beer is initially working with Chimney Bluffs Hoppery, Ledyard Farms, 1886 Malt House and Country Malt Group to supply 100 percent NY grown hops, and 66 percent NY grown barley for Brew York.
To ensure the quality of our ingredients, Estrella Damm works closely with the local farmers, who grow the barley, and we have our own malt house. Estrella Damm also uses unique yeast, that we have been using for 140 years, and a lot of patience, as it takes a minimum of three weeks to complete the fermentation and conditioning process.
DWP's Kit Malt house urged them to "take the call and make a good decision".
As part of the project, Arizona's first malt house will be opened to make barley a more financially viable alternative crop and encourage other farmers to make similar crop changes.