Malt kiln

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a heated chamber for drying malt.

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This included commissioning of the new peated malt kiln at Portgordon.
Head to Malt Kiln farm where you can pick your own rhubarb, and from early June strawberry season starts.
MALT KILN FARM Where: Stretton-under-Fosse, near Coventry, CV23 0PE.
Malt Kiln Farm Shop in Main Street, Strettonunder-Fosse, between Coventry and Rugby, was gutted by the blaze which tore through the building in the early hours of Monday.
September: Malt kiln adjoining Moor House (residence) purchased.
A large house and malt kiln was built on the site in the 1670s by John Dove.
MALT Kiln Barn, Halsall Road, Halsall, pounds 1,000,000; Fitton Estates: 01704 500345
Try Poppy's or the Malt Kiln for a good selection of gifts and cards.
Malt Kiln Farm - in Stretton-under-Fosse, near Rugby - is a great place to get your hand on berries during the summer months.
Malt Kiln Farm at Stretton-under-Fosse near Coventry is also introducing the PS2 per person deposit, redeemable against produce bought.
They visited The Duck on the Pond, The Malt Kiln, The Country Store, The Harvesters and the Green Man.