Maltese lira

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Noun1.Maltese lira - the basic unit of money on MaltaMaltese lira - the basic unit of money on Malta; equal to 100 cents
Maltese monetary unit - monetary unit on Malta
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Its prospects may also be boosted by the introduction of the euro, which replaced Maltese lira on January 1 this year.
For an insight into the island at war visit the museum in Fort St Elmo (1 Maltese Lira, 60p) to see the George Cross awarded to the islanders, the Jeep General Eisenhower used during Operation Husky and lots of other memorabilia.
MALTA and Cyprus went over to the Euro at the start of the year and you have until the end of the month to exchange any Maltese lira or Cypriot pounds into Sterling or you'll be left with worthless currency, reports Thomas Cook.
The Mediterranean islands, both former British colonies, scrapped the Cyprus pound and Maltese lira.
Malta joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism II (ERM-II) in 2005 to put itself on the path to enter the Eurozone in January 2008; under the ERM-II, the Maltese Lira has maintained a hard peg to the Euro.