Maltese terrier

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Noun1.Maltese terrier - breed of toy dogs having a long straight silky white coatMaltese terrier - breed of toy dogs having a long straight silky white coat
toy dog, toy - any of several breeds of very small dogs kept purely as pets
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Monroe and Miller lived on the 13th floor after their wedding and, reports say, the actress often took her Maltese terrier for walks to the park on Sutton Place.
Dog groomer Leanne Couch with her 12-year-old Maltese terrier Lucy <B
He can also hang out with the dog because, to add another frisson of excitement, I have Beano, our Maltese terrier with us.
THIS Morning's dog yoga when shih tzu "Benji the humper" broke ranks and got jiggy with Maltese terrier Robbie.
Mrs Couch, 29, who owns two branches of Mucky Paws in Cardiff and Chepstow, and Wales' first Doggy Deli and Barkery in Cardiff, recently appeared on Britain's Flashiest Families on Channel 5 due to her obsession with spoiling Maltese terrier Lucy.
Cameras follow Leanne and her impeccably groomed Maltese terrier as they prepare for the opening of her high-end canine-themed bakery.
Christopher told the Sunday ECHO: "I met Cilla and Paul - I was talking to her about when I was a kid I queued up for hours to get an autograph when she officially opened St John's shopping centre and I was chatting to Paul about dogs as I have a Maltese terrier and he is a dog lover.
11 ( ANI ): It is rare that a Vodka hangover can save someone's life but in a rare incidence, a Maltese terrier named Charlie was saved when the vets pumped Vodka straight into the doggie's stomach after he licked the antifreeze off the floor of his owner's garage.
LoLo is a pug and mine is a teacup Maltese terrier.
This is what you've said about your dogs: Sarah Treekweeks writes: "Here's a picture of my dishevelled dog Bliss, YOUR who is a 12-month-old Maltese Terrier.
THE STORY: Two years before she died of a mysterious drug overdose, Marilyn Monroe acquired a Scottish-born Maltese terrier named Mafia Honey.
The prosecutor told the court that Sherna and his wife lived in isolation in rural Victoria state, with no friends, no social life and just their Jack Russell Maltese terrier cross, Hubble, for company, the Herald Sun reported.