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n.1.(Physiol. Chem.) The fermentative principle of malt; malt diastase; also, a name given to various medicinal preparations made from or containing malt.
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NEW COOKBOOK REVEALS THE SECRETS BEHIND WHAT FUELLED CHARITY CYCLISTS Hayden Groves, left, with fellow cyclists Geoff Thomas, James Maltin and Doug McKinnon A BRAND new cookbook inspired by an epic challenge that four cyclists took on will raise money for Birmingham-based Cure Leukaemia.
If the NFL were now to punish players who kneel, the players would almost certainly win in arbitration, claiming that the NFL's earlier public statement is a policy on which the players relied," Maltin said.
The Santa Barbara International Film Festival opens with Phillip Baribeau's "Charged" and honors individual talent like Denzel Washington, who will get the Maltin Modern Master Award.
She's such a talented actress," said Stacey Maltin, who wrote, produced and stars in "Landing Up.
Maltin launched the guide, then titled "TV Movies," in 1968 while still a senior in high school in Teaneck, N.
RobinWilliams ScreenLife" will feature interviews with Leonard Maltin, Sam Rubin and more.
Contract awarded for storage (maintenance) dirt road caserE[degrees]o temux big hill village maltin santa eulalia, huehuetenango.
Film critic Leonard Maltin sits on the judges' panel.
Although she was a schmoozer extraordinaireand you only have to read her blog or listen to her music to realize that she was incredibly funnyshe was also an author in her own right and owned a record label that released music by Maya Angelou, Norman Mailer, and Leonard Maltin.
But Didn't, author Tim Maltin claims William Murdoch, from Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire, fired his revolver at a crowd as he tried to lower the last lifeboat.
Author Tim Maltin has undertaken years of research to distinguish the myths and truth in his book on the doomed Belfast-built ship.
In introducing this 21st expanded edition of his bestselling movie guide, film critic/historian Maltin provides alphabetical entries on some 17,000 movies.