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Noun1.Malto - a member of the Dravidian people living in northern Bengal in eastern IndiaMalto - a member of the Dravidian people living in northern Bengal in eastern India
Dravidian - a member of one of the aboriginal races of India (pushed south by Caucasians and now mixed with them)
2.Malto - the Dravidian language spoken by the Malto
North Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in eastern India
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Ryan Sidebottom with his Dancing on Ice partner Brandee Malto and, below, the former Yorkshire cricketer in action for England in 2008
"We can now heave a great sigh of relief because soon, we will own the lots where our houses are built," Malto said.
Professional skater Malto said she was "so scared" when the incident happened on Wednesday.
Kurux belongs to the Dravidian family of languages, say Kobayashi and Tirkey, and forms a close subgroup with Malto. It is spoken primarily by people called the Oraons in the Indian states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, and West Bengal.
Jeff Helps was hit by a pitch and Jonathan Malto grounded into a fielder's choice, but Colafamina scored on an error by Johnny Welch.
The company is planning to set up a separate / additional unit with a maize grinding capacity of 300 tpd, Dextrose plant with a capacity of 50 tpd and high malto syrup plant with 30 tpd.
Here for the first time Bray (1934: 17-20) explicitly laid out a special relationship of Brahui with Kurux and Malto. His discussion was primarily phonological, addressing the double shifts of v > b and k > x found in these languages.
In a statement, Renato Malto, SSS officer-in-charge of the Service Delivery Department, said workers who need to apply for their own SSS membership number can now do it electronically through instead of lining up at SSS branches.
TOWIE star Gemma Collins and pro-partner Matt Evers were booted off Dancing on Ice after losing the skate-off to cricketer Ryan Sidebottom and Brandee Malto.
Bakhawon immediately turned out the dried marijuana leaves to Demetrio Malto, barangay captain of Kinachawa who then alerted the police.