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A variety of grape cultivated especially in Italy that is used to make white and red wines.

[Italian, from Medieval Latin malvasia; see malmsey.]


1. (Brewing) another word for malmsey
2. (Brewing) the type of grape used to make malmsey
[C19: from Italian, from Greek Monembasia; see malmsey]
ˌMalvaˈsian adj
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Noun1.Malvasia - used to make malmsey winemalvasia - used to make malmsey wine    
malmsey - sweet Madeira wine
common grape vine, vinifera, vinifera grape, Vitis vinifera - common European grape cultivated in many varieties; chief source of Old World wine and table grapes
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com and independents) is a fruity bundle made from malvasia fina, viosinho and moscatel galego grapes from the Duoro Valley, Portugal.
A really interesting white from Portugal is the SYMINGTON FAMILY ESTATE ALTANO 2012, DOURO DOC (PS9, Mumbles Fine Wines, Swansea,Bordeaux Cellar, Hennings Wine Merchants, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Clifton Cellars, Ann Et Vin) has local varieties of viosinho, malvasia fina and moscatel galego which give a bouquet of tropical fruit, mainly peach and pinapple.
49 which is made from malvasia fina, gouveio, viosinho and moscatel for a refreshing floral, grassy wine.