Malvern Hills

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Mal·vern Hills

 (môl′vərn, mô′-)
A range of hills of west-central England rising to 425 m (1,395 ft). The hills are a popular resort area.

Mal′vern Hills′

(ˈmɔl vərn, ˈmɔ-)
a range of hills in W England, bisecting Hereford and Worcester: highest point, 1395 ft. (425 m).
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Like the slightly earlier poet of 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,' the authors belonged to the region of the Northwest Midland, near the Malvern Hills, and like him, they wrote in the Anglo-Saxon verse form, alliterative, unrimed, and in this case without stanza divisions.
Malvern hills district council is inviting tenders from potential consultants for provision of a strategic housing market assessment for south worcestershire.
3 GREAT Malvern clings to the side of the ancient Malvern Hills in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and was much loved by George Bernard Shaw and Edward Elgar.
CITY dwellers wanting to move out into some of the UK's most luxuriant countryside would do far worse than to consider a spacious and modern family home in an incredible position, with exceptional views across the Malvern Hills.
Last year more than 100,000 passengers on the railway's heritage trains enjoyed views of the Cotswolds and Malvern Hills.
More than 100,000 passengers travelled on steam and heritage diesel trains on the railway last year, enjoying scenic views of the Cotswolds and the Malvern Hills.
Contemporary throughout, The Coach House lies detached within an area of outstanding natural beauty set back from the road with views of the Malvern Hills (pictured) from the secluded south-facing garden and is an ideal location for a relaxing break.
Now Channel 5 is interested in making a documentary on the "loveable rogue" who spent much of the 1970s knee-deep in litigation, oblivious to the menace his menagerie presented to the public, and allegedly later let the beasts out on the Malvern Hills.
Not only is it set in the prettiest surroundings, with the romantic Malvern Hills in the background but it also boasts some of the finest show gardens and plant exhibits to be seen anywhere in the country.
Cardiff-based Seidr Dai won Champion Cider title for its Kingston Black, while Gwynt y Ddraig's Malvern Hills was named Champion Perry.