Malvina Hoffman

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Noun1.Malvina Hoffman - United States sculptor (1887-1966)Malvina Hoffman - United States sculptor (1887-1966)  
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American sculptor Malvina Hoffman (1887-1966) was born with natural ability and into a culturally elite family that encouraged her innate talent.
Malvina Hoffman first laid eyes on the famed Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova (1881-1931), during a performance in London.
Linda Kim in "A Woman Sculptor among the Primitive Races,"' for instance, explains how early-twentieth-century woman sculptor Malvina Hoffman with her series Races of Mankind reproduced discourses on race, gender, science, and the exotic that were prevalent during the artist's time.
Races of Mankind: The Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman
Executed by a single sculptor, Malvina Hoffman (1885-1966), the sculptures were a huge success, boasting half a million visitors in the exhibit's first month of opening and as many as twenty-one thousand visitors a day in its first year.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our June artists: Paul Gauguin, John Constable, Christo, Red Grooms and Malvina Hoffman.
Born in New York City, Malvina Hoffman showed an early interest in art: first in painting, and then sculpture.
Looking ahead, there will be work by Niki de Saint Phalle, Malvina Hoffman, Emily Carr and others.