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However, the researchers were surprised that this trend of hackers infecting APKs (Android Package Kits) with Windows malware has persisted for nearly a year.
Security firm McAfee has blocked access to malware that seems to have been sent from its own network.
ae' or 'The Invisible Man', this malware deploys a key-logger that records a victim's login details through the infected banking app, according to a report by The Register.
The report revealed growth trends in malware, ransomware, mobile malware, and other threats in Q1 2017.
critical-infrastructure security firm, released detailed analyses of the malware, known as Industroyer or Crash Override, and issued private alerts to governments and infrastructure operators to help them defend against the threat.
Gooligan," or as some are calling the malware "Julian," is being spread via e-mail or text messages with attached apps infected with the malware.
CAPE has been designed to extract payloads and configuration data from APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) malware such as PlugX, EvilGrab, HttpBrowser, Sakula and many more, via a single intuitive malware analysis platform.
Malware attacks involve downloading a software application--often something seemingly innocuous, like a game or flashlight app--that contains hidden code.
Mobile Malware, Android, Tor Network, Malware Detection, Privacy, Anti-Malware.
Kernel rootkits can provide user level malware programs with the additional capabilities of hiding their malicious activities by altering the legitimate kernel behavior of the operating system.
One example of macro-based malware is Adnel, a macro that downloads and runs files on your PC when you open an infected Microsoft Office file.
The primary purpose of wiper malware is to overwrite sections of a hard drive on an infected computer in an attempt to remove traces of the malware itself, along with large portions of data or in some cases all stored information on the drive," Jim Stickley, CEO of Stickley on Security, told CU Times.