n.1.Mastology. See Mammalogy.
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Since the 1980s, mammology surveys had been using standard baits that were irresistible to most rodents: a combination of peanut butter and slices of fried coconut, said lead author Eric Rickart, a curator of the Natural History Museum of Utah at the University of Utah.
Encouraged by both his father and grandfather, his choice of future career was highly influenced by his school mate and life-long friend, Ivan Horacek, and by his advisor at Charles University in Prague, Vladimir Hanak, who directed him toward mammology, and chiropterology in particular.
The study in the Journal of Mammology describes that these flying squirrels fluoresce at night.
This type of grieving behaviour is not unique to killer whales and has been exhibited by a variety of marine mammals, including Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales, according to a 2016 study published in the Journal of Mammology. On land, chimpanzees are also known to carry around their babies corpses.
Kays, lead author of the study reported in the Journal of Mammology. "Domestic cats are estimated to kill billions of birds and small mammals each year.
69 JOURNAL OF MAMMOLOGY 408, 410 (1988) (charting various canine measurements, classified by sex); WEST ET AL., supra note 11, at 7 (commenting of characteristics of wild pigs).
The International Whaling Commission's 2012 Scientific Committee, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and the Society for Marine Mammology, with its 2,000 scientists, have called for all areas where these dolphins are found to be closed to gillnets and trawl nets out to the 100 metre depth contour.
1995: Antipredator constraints on lactating Nubian ibexes.--Journal of Mammology 77: 1122-1131.
The agreement was signed by the Japanese Ambassador Sin Maruo and President of "Mammology" public fund Sergey Buyuklyanov on June 18, 2012.
Male whales maybe using music to tell another male, "Hey, I'm talking to you," Cholewiak reported October 14 at the Society of Marine Mammology's biennial conference.
This exhibition organizes 120 of Dion's works from the past fifteen years--including installations, drawings, and videos--into the five categories instituted by natural-history museums in the nineteenth century: earth science, entomology, archaeology, ornithology, and mammology. A sixth section looks at classifying the museum itself.