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Noun1.Mammut - extinct type genus of the Mammutidae: mastodonsMammut - extinct type genus of the Mammutidae: mastodons
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Mammutidae, family Mastodontidae, Mammutidae - extinct family: mastodons
mastodon, mastodont - extinct elephant-like mammal that flourished worldwide from Miocene through Pleistocene times; differ from mammoths in the form of the molar teeth
American mastodon, American mastodont, Mammut americanum - mastodon of North America; in some classifications considered a mammoth rather than a mastodon
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ABS Protection GmbH (now a SPIN Capital company), K-2 Sports (Backcountry Access), Mammut Sports Group AG, Arc'teryx and Black Diamond Equipment Ltd.
MACCLESFIELD: Prior approval for a change of use from office units to two flats is being sought by Mr C Roberts, Mammut UK Ltd at 1 and 2, Brookside Mill, 14 Brook Street.
Request for quotations : purchase of crucibles bux 250 / buc 250 stb u, bux 300 / buc 300 stb u manufactured by mars, mammut and morgan
Beaver Gulf Precast Concrete -- known as Mammut Technocrete before its acquisition by the Krishna-led company -- has facilities in Dubai, and produces more than 250ha of precast panels each year.
HAT founder Henry Schniewind said: "We want to help you have more fun by being safer during off-piste adventures." n See Mammut T Aenergy High GTX walking boots Lightweight, waterproof and comfortable walking boots that also look good.
Mastodon, Mammut amerieanum and/or horses, Equus spp.) co-evolved to disperse the seeds of Al pomifera (Barlow, 2001; Keeler, 2000, Gardner el al., 2017).
It signed a contract with local importer Mammut Khodro to offer the Tiguan compact SUV model as well as Passats at dealerships in and around Tehran.
We have to live together here, but also as equals, "said Mammut Skenderi of the Albanian-American Association.
I told a lovely guy called Michael about my plans and a few days later they called and donated a snuggly Mammut jacket to me - Scousers are the best."
The contract goes back to January 2016 when Daimler signed letters of intent with local partners Iran Khodro Diesel and Mammut Group to arrange a "comprehensive re-entry" into Iran.
Previously, Day worked with Mammut Sports Group, REI, and Seattle University, among others.
Daimler, which now owns Mercedes-Benz, first signed letters of intent in January 2016 with local partners Iran Khodro Diesel and Mammut Group to arrange a "comprehensive re-entry" into Iran.