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1. An animal, such as a tiger, that eats or is reputed to eat human flesh.
2. A cannibal.
3. Slang A sexually aggressive woman who has multiple male sexual partners and is considered to be scheming or manipulative.

man′eat′ing adj.
References in classic literature ?
There hasn't been a man eater around here for two years, Bwana says, and the game is so plentiful that there is no necessity to drive Numa to human flesh.
From this Hanson knew that a man eater had wandered into the district or been developed by the aging of one of the many lions who ranged the plains and hills by night, or lay up in the cool wood by day.
There, the quartet of boys meets a quartet of pretty girls - Jane (Amanda Peet), who is Rick's best friend and lover, man eater Sara (Tara Reid) who is currently seeing Shawn, Whitney (Emily Procter) and Emma (Sybil Temchen).
It looked like Coronation Street's man eater Natalie Horrocks was up to her old tricks again yesterday.
A man eater is an animal which hunts and kills human prey," the Telegraph quoted Bennett as saying.
He sired his first winner, She's A Man Eater, in October.
Recommended items: Fried calamari, Southwestern crawfish bisque, mahi-mahi tacos, pork roast, sliced tri-tip, baby back ribs, barbecued beans, agave wine margaritas, microbrews (Pike pale ale, Red Hook Starbucks stout, Great White Man Eater red ale).
I come from Georgia and had a strict upbringing, so I am happy that I'm not cast as a man eater," Robyn says.
Declaring the tiger as man eater, the administration has issued the orders for further action," said Krishan Kumar, Home (Interior) Secretary of Uttar Pradesh.
Barmouth-raisedEastEnders star Charlie Brooks collected an award for Best Soap Villain for man eater Janine Evans -in the same week that she got engaged and confirmed that she was an expectant mum
At first, man eater Sam played by Kim Cattrall is horrified at the thought of losing her blonde locks.
There is no sign to indicate that the tiger is a man eater," he said.