Man engine

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a mechanical lift for raising or lowering people through considerable distances;
(Mining) a contrivance by which miners ascend or descend in a shaft. It consists of a series of landings in the shaft and an equal number of shelves on a vertical rod which has an up and down motion equal to the distance between the successive landings. A man steps from a landing to a shelf and is lifted or lowered to the next landing, upon which he them steps, and so on, traveling by successive stages.

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And now Man Engine is back this weekend, making his debut in Cardiff.
It won't be easy though with captain Steven Davis, Oliver Norwood, George Saville and Corry Evans all vying for a starting role in O'Neill's preferred three man engine room.
The Man Engine, as it is known, stands at 11.2 metres tall and resembles a giant miner complete with hard hat and lamp.
The Man Engine will be the star of spectacular events taking place at Ironbridge Gorge Museums, one of 10 in the area.
Last month the Ministry of Health expanded vaccination to the whole country PIC: VICTOR MORIYAMA/GETTY IMAGES | ENGLAND: The Man Engine, the largest mechanical puppet ever constructed in the UK, is unveiled during a final dress rehearsal of the 'Afterdarker' ceremony ahead of the start of his Resurrection Tour which will kick off today at Geevor Tin Mine near St Just in Cornwall.
For one day only on Saturday, April 14, you can see the largest mechanical puppet ever made in Britain, the Man Engine, which will be the star of spectacular day and evening events.
The Man Engine, powered by Volvo, was voted the UK's Best Arts Project and presented with a National Lottery Awards trophy by comedian and broadcaster David Baddiel.
Factfile: Model: Honda Jazz 1.3 EX Navi Man Engine: 1.3-litre petrol Power: 102hp Top speed: 118mph 0-62mph: 11.5 seconds Average mpg: 55.4 CO2 emissions: 120g/km Warranty: Three years/90,000 miles Price: PS16,605
Cornish Mining Man Engine, left, a 10 metre-high puppet, drew crowds of more than 150,000 during its tour of the regions.
Setting out on 25 July, the moving, smoking 'Man Engine' has been on a two-week, 200km tour on the 'Tinth' (10th) anniversary of the creation of the 'Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape' World Heritage Site.
Global Banking News-July 25, 2011--Volksbus with MAN engine and Euro V technology debuts; Brazilian government awards contract to supply 3,000 school buses(C)2011 ENPublishing -