Man engine

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a mechanical lift for raising or lowering people through considerable distances;
(Mining) a contrivance by which miners ascend or descend in a shaft. It consists of a series of landings in the shaft and an equal number of shelves on a vertical rod which has an up and down motion equal to the distance between the successive landings. A man steps from a landing to a shelf and is lifted or lowered to the next landing, upon which he them steps, and so on, traveling by successive stages.

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Contract Award for: Supplying of spare parts Fuel pump for 190 KW Man Engine (Model: D-2866TE) at Different Ferryghat under Ferry Sub-Division Faridpur during the FY : 2015-2016.
Global Banking News-July 25, 2011--Volksbus with MAN engine and Euro V technology debuts; Brazilian government awards contract to supply 3,000 school buses(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
But he was manning a midfield that was simply overpowered by West Brom's five man engine room, in which Chris Brunt and Morrison were fantastic throughout.
It's a remake of the 1997 Super Nintendo game, but Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X builds upon the Mega Man engine and adds totally new characters, environments and gameplay features.
During the quarter, Westport received funding of Euro$220,000 from the German Gas Industry, under the leadership of Ruhrgas, to complete the next phase of testing of the prototype MAN engine in a test cell in Germany.
Contract Award for: Supplying of spare parts Propulsion Unit of 190 KW Man Engine (Model-D-2866TE) at Different Ferryghat under Ferry Sub-Division Faridpur during the FY : 2015-2016.
UT-2 (Imp)- 11/89, Model: 620 Daf/80 KW MAN Engine at Amora Shikpur Ferry Ghat under RHD, Ferry Division, Sylhet during the financial year 2015-2016.
man Engine 39094022054301 (Model-D-2866 TE) of Ferry no Utility Type-2-(Imp)-069/05 at Manikkhali Ferry ghat Under (RHD) Ferry Division, Khulna during the year 2015-16.
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UT-2(Imp)-079/2008 of 190 KW MAN Engine at Baktabali Ferry Ghat under Ferry Maintenance Division, RHD, Dhaka during the financial year 2014-2015.