Man engine

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a mechanical lift for raising or lowering people through considerable distances;
(Mining) a contrivance by which miners ascend or descend in a shaft. It consists of a series of landings in the shaft and an equal number of shelves on a vertical rod which has an up and down motion equal to the distance between the successive landings. A man steps from a landing to a shelf and is lifted or lowered to the next landing, upon which he them steps, and so on, traveling by successive stages.

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This major event, coupled with Swansea's other major events this summer, including Man Engine, Little Mix and The Killers at Liberty stadium, the Wales Airshow and Now the Hero/Nawr Yr Arwr clearly justifies Swansea's position as ' Capital of Culture and a city capable of attracting and delivering world class entertainment events.
The Man Engine, powered by Volvo, was voted the UK's Best Arts Project and presented with a National Lottery Awards trophy by comedian and broadcaster David Baddiel.
Man Engine will visit eight of our most important industrial heritage locations for a week of celebrations in April.
One of those winners is this awesome 33ft-high Man Engine sculpture, which celebrates our mining heritage.
Cornish Mining Man Engine, left, a 10 metre-high puppet, drew crowds of more than 150,000 during its tour of the regions.
The Man Engine sports a number of mining 'motifs', with a giant beam engine as a rocking neck, mining 'head gear' sheave wheels as shoulders, cast iron flangers and rivets throughout and hands that reflect massive 20th century excavators.
Global Banking News-July 25, 2011--Volksbus with MAN engine and Euro V technology debuts; Brazilian government awards contract to supply 3,000 school buses(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
But he was manning a midfield that was simply overpowered by West Brom's five man engine room, in which Chris Brunt and Morrison were fantastic throughout.
And Navistar has hooked up with Germany's MAN engine family.
Man Engine resembles a giant miner and will visit eight of south Wales' most important industrial heritage locations for a week of celebrations in April 2018.