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THE manace of child abuse in Pakistan seems to be increasing day by day.
Ther saugh I first the derke ymaginyng Of Felonye, and al the compassyng; The crueel Ire, reed as any gleede; The pykepurs, and eek the pale Drede; The smylere with the knyf under the cloke; The shepne brennynge with the blake smoke; The tresoun of the mordrynge in the bedde; The open werre, with woundes al bibledde; Contek, with blody knyf and sharp manace.
Steve Lovell's brilliantly-taken goal in the first half was a reminder to us what he can do and Special Brew playing alongside him was also a constant manace to the Hearts defence.
But in his herte he gan hire to manace That he that nyght in armes wolde hire streyne Harder than ever Parys dide Eleyne.
IDOL THREAT: Martyn Williams is determined to wipe out the manace of his hero Olivier Magne; OLIVIER MAGNE: Best in world
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3) Para mayores informaciones sobre los sucesos de Bagua se recomienda consultar el Informe en minoria de la Comision Especial para investigar y analizar los sucesos de Bagua (Gomez y Manaces, 2010).
Pese a su precaria condicion, antes de partir en camilla, Fernando habia mandado llamar al senor Manaces, el inveterado peluquero de la cuadra, para acicalarse por ultima vez.