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 (mə-näg′wə, mä-nä′gwä)
The capital and largest city of Nicaragua, in the western part of the country on the southern shore of Lake Managua. The city, designated as the capital in the 1850s, has frequently been damaged by earthquakes.

Ma·na′guan adj. & n.


(məˈnæɡwə; Spanish maˈnaɣwa)
1. (Placename) the capital of Nicaragua, on the S shore of Lake Managua: chosen as capital in 1857. Pop: 1 159 000 (2005 est)
2. (Placename) Lake Managua a lake in W Nicaragua: drains into Lake Nicaragua by the Tipitapa River. Length: 61 km (38 miles). Width: about 26 km (16 miles)


(məˈnɑ gwə)

1. Lake, a lake in W Nicaragua. 390 sq. mi. (1010 sq. km).
2. the capital of Nicaragua, in the W part. 1,195,000.
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Noun1.Managua - the capital and largest city of NicaraguaManagua - the capital and largest city of Nicaragua
Nicaragua, Republic of Nicaragua - a republic in Central America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821
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In response to a third diplomatic note sent by Nicaragua on January 24, Costa Rica today reiterated its warning that Managua is trying to create artificial controversies, and reaffirmed what was expressed in two previous notes, which means that the issue is exhausted.
Managua, Muharram 2, 1440, Sep 12, 2018, SPA -- A 5.9-magnitude earthquake rocked Nicaragua's Pacific coast early Wednesday, Vice President Rosario Murillo said.
People pray in front of police who block the entrance to Divine Mercy Catholic Church July 14, where students from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua sought refuge in Managua. More than 200 students fled to the church after police forced them out of the university, which had been occupied during two months of protests against the government of President Daniel Ortega.
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Acerca de las obras que brindan informacion sobre el deporte en Nicaragua a finales del siglo XIX, Salomon Barahona y Cesar Vivas en 1972 senalan respecto al beisbol, que en 1891 se formo en Managua la entidad deportiva Sociedad de Recreo para la practica del deporte.
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WASHINGTON: The International Monetary Fund will close its resident representative office in Managua which has been headed by Mr.
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