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Noun1.Manannan - Celtic god of the seaManannan - Celtic god of the sea; son of Ler  
Emerald Isle, Hibernia, Ireland - an island comprising the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
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Already reduced in length to make the best possible use of a window in the approaching rain clouds, thick fog, known in those ancient Gaelic parts as Manannan's Cloak, had descended by the time Hodson was flagged off in the Junior Classic TT.
IN MERSEY | Today, Pelagiani, a bulk carrier carrying animal feedstuffs from Argentina; Manannan, a ro-ro vessel carrying Gas Oil from Belgium; Norbay, a ro-ro vessel coming from Ireland; and Fluvius Teign, a general cargo THE cheapest unleaded fuel is 115.7p at Asda Hunts Cross.
The local saying is that on a clear day you can see Seven Kingdoms from the top of Snaefell: the Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England, Heaven and Manannan, the kingdom of the sea.
In the Advaita Vedanta tradition, with which Joyce is undoubtedly familiar as his Manannan Mac Lir quotes from the Bhagavad Gita in the Circe episode, the true reality is advaita; not two; no distinction between subject and object.
Great a-Peel The village of Peel is home to the House of Manannan Museum, which uses state-of-the-art displays to explore the island's Celtic, Viking and Maritime traditions.
??Majestic Manannan was backed down to 1.08 on Betfair when it appeared he'd burned off his rivals in the 5f handicap at Hamilton.
TOMORROW HAMILTON: 1.50 Dark Defender, 2.20 Bop It, 2.50 Lacing, 3.20 Head High, 3.50 Incurs Four Faults, 4.20 Slipper Satin, 4.50 Calypso Music, 5.20 Majestic Manannan. PLUMPTON: 2.00 Mountain Fighter, 2.30 COOL MACAVITY (NAP), 3.00 Jayandbee, 3.30 Hadfield, 4.00 Henri Parry Morgan, 4.30 Ashcott Boy, 5.00 The Bugler.
POLICE have launched a Facebook campaign for the return of the statue of Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir.
PONTEFRACT: 2.10 Silver Alliance, 2.40 Flash Fire, 3.10 EDDIEMAURICE (NAP), 3.40 Rocket Ship, 4.10 Mister Manannan, 4.40 Shadowtime, 5.10 Sartori.
Exciting new trio Barrule take their name from the famous Manx summit and legendary home of the ancient Celtic God Manannan MacLir.
In the opening sprint Dandy Nicholls' MISTER MANANNAN (1.45) should go close from a good draw in the 17 stall and racing off a fair handicap mark.
As the rain threatened, we headed across town to the House of Manannan, a heritage centre that uses cutting edge techniques and state of the art displays to bring the island's history to life.