Manco Capac

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Man·co Ca·pac 1

 (mäng′kō kä-päk′) fl. 12th century.
Legendary founder of the Inca dynasty who established Cuzco as the center of what would later become the Inca Empire.

Man·co Ca·pac 2

 (mäng′kō kä-päk′) also Manco In·ca Yu·pan·qui (ĭng′kə yo͞o-päng′kē) Died 1544.
Last Incan emperor, he was crowned (1534) as a puppet ruler by Francisco Pizarro after the execution of his brother Atahualpa. He later fled Cuzco and mounted an unsuccessful rebellion against Spanish rule.
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Written by the son of the last Inca Emperor of Peru, the Relascion de como los Espanoles Entraron en el Peru (1570), an account of Incan dealings with the Spaniard following the arrival of Francisco Pizzarro--centering on the alliance between the authors' father, Manco Inca Yupanqui (the half-brother of Atahualpa), and Pizzaro and how it unraveled--is presented here in English translation side by side with the original Spanish on facing pages.