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also Man·de·an  (măn-dē′ən)
1. A member of a Gnostic sect historically concentrated in Iraq and Iran but now largely dispersed due to war and persecution.
2. Mandaic.

[Mandaic mandaya, having knowledge, from manda, knowledge, from earlier Aramaic manda', madda', infinitive of yəda', to know; see ydʕ in Semitic roots.]

Man·dae′an adj.


(mænˈdɪən) or


1. (Other Non-Christian Religions) a member of a Gnostic sect of Iraq
2. (Languages) the form of Aramaic used by this sect
(Other Non-Christian Religions) of or relating to this sect
[C19: from Aramaic mandaya Gnostics, from mandā knowledge]
Manˈdaeanism, Manˈdeanism n


or Man•de•an

(mænˈdi ən)

1. a member of a Gnostic sect with modern adherents in SE Iraq and Khuzistan in Iran.
2. Also, Man•da′ic (-ˈdeɪ ɪk) a form of Aramaic used in sacred texts of the Mandaeans.
3. of or pertaining to the Mandaeans.
[1870–75; < Mandaean mandayy(ā) Gnostics (literally, the knowing ones) + -an1]
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Noun1.Mandaean - a member of a small Gnostic sect that originated in Jordan and survives in Iraq and who believes that John the Baptist was the MessiahMandaean - a member of a small Gnostic sect that originated in Jordan and survives in Iraq and who believes that John the Baptist was the Messiah
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
2.Mandaean - the form of Aramaic used by the MandeansMandaean - the form of Aramaic used by the Mandeans
Aramaic - a Semitic language originally of the ancient Arameans but still spoken by other people in southwestern Asia
Adj.1.Mandaean - of or relating to the Mandaean people or their language or culture
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During a meeting with a delegation of Iraqi minorities in the United States, including representatives of Yezidis, Christians and Sabean Mandaean, to discuss the situation of minorities in Iraq, he said "Iraq is characterized by the diversity of its original components, and the Iraqi government is keen to be Iraq for all Iraqis," noting that "the parliament will work to legislate laws that guarantee the rights of minorities."
During the second day of his official visit to Iraq, Mohammad Javad Zarif held separate meetings with representatives of religious, political, cultural, ethnic and social groups, organisations and institutions, including the head and members of the Sunni Waqf and representatives of Christian, Mandaean, Turkmen and Izadi minorities.
A follower of the ancient Mandaean faith bathes along a strip of embankment on the Tigris River reserved for t Image Credit: AP Associated Press
Religions: Muslim (official) 99% (Shia 55-60%, Sunni 40%), Christian <.1%, Yazidi <.1%, Sabean Mandaean <.1%, Baha'i <.1%, Zoroastrian <.1%, Hindu <0.1%, Buddhist <0.1%, Jewish <0.1%, folk religion <0.1, unafilliated 0.1%, other <0.1%
More than that, there is no evidence so far of Manichaean religious content in these Syriac incantation bowls, as there is Mandaean religious content in Mandaic bowl texts.
In Manichaeism, some Mandaean texts and three-principle systems, it is said that when darkness encountered light it resulted in the creation of the world with evil within.
Even prior to IAU's imprimatur, astronomers associated with the New Horizons mission had been informally assigning similar names to newly discovered features on the dwarf planet - ( Krun Macula &nbsp;(Krun is the lord of the underworld in the ancient Mandaean religion, and a macula is a dark feature on a planetary surface), ( Tartarus Dorsa (In Greek mythology, Tartarus is the name of a region of the underworld where the greatest sinners are sent for their transgressions.)
Complete Apo AI deficiency in an Iraqi Mandaean family: case studies and review of the literature.
(33) Angela Nickerson, Zachary Steel, Richard Bryant, Robert Brooks, and Derrick Silove, "Change in Visa Status amongst Mandaean Refugees: Relationship to Psychological Symptoms and Living Difficulties," Psychiatry Research 187, no.
Similarly, Nickerson and colleagues (2010) asserted that of 315 Mandaean refugees living in Sydney those with immediate family in Iraq reported higher levels of PTSD and depression than those without family in Iraq.
The Al Khadadys and a number of the Iraqis resettled in Worcester are Mandaean, members of an ancient Christian sect that suffered systematic religious persecution from militants after Saddam Hussein's secular dictatorship fell.
Godolphin in treble form Godolphin completed a treble, with Mandaean the smooth winner of the concluding 1m turf handicap, Mickael Barzalona doing the business for Mahmood Al Zarooni.