Mandarin language

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the spoken or colloquial language of educated people in China.

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The apology was translated in the Mandarin language addressing the Chinese people who were offended by the design.
The Mandarin language site will be updated regularly to showcase all the promising investment choices in the UAE, particularly, Dubai," added Jian Liu.
Many more private schools in Pokhara, Dhulikhel and other parts of the country have also made Mandarin language compulsory for students, according to Shiv Raj Pant, board of trustee, founder and chairman of LRI (Learning Realm International) School.
Meanwhile, Briones said that Fili-pino teachers who wish to be trained in the Mandarin language or to teach the English language in China will soon have more education, cultural, and profession-al opportunities.
All medical practitioners must attend a mandatory Mandarin language course in their first year of study.
The school hosts the city's Mandarin language learning base - the Confucius classroom - and pupils used that as an inspiration for their statue design, adorning it with the Chinese symbols they have learned in the classroom.
CHINA is opening its doors to Filipino teachers who wish to be trained in the Mandarin language or to teach the English language in China, according to Education Secretary Leonor M.
What both countries want is an acceleration of this exchange because so far, nearly 300 teachers have already been trained in the Mandarin language at the Confucius Institute here in the Philippines," she said in a statement.
S2 pupils from four schools across the authority - Balfron; Wallace; Bannockburn and St Modan's - took part in creative workshops to learn more about China and Mandarin language. Pupils were taught about the history of Peking Opera masks and then had the opportunity to create their own.
Award-winning Mandarin language movie in which a teenage boy is caught up in the legal battle for his late father's life insurance payout between his widowed mother and his father's lover.
Under the auspices of successful launching of the CPEC, the Mandarin language has gained an exponential significance all over Pakistan.