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The notion of individual and group conscience, while seldom explicitly acknowledged or sanctioned, is implicitly accepted and embodied in the concept of the mandarinate that runs through the history of the public service over the past 100 years.
A dispassionate observer can scarce forebear to cheer the skill with which the mandarinate carried it out.
China should reform its 143,000 state-owned companies but that would hit the private cash flow of the Communist Party's mandarinate. Instead, the Politburo is actually strengthening the state sector with schemes like Shanghai Hong Kong connect, the Bric Development Bank and Silk Road.
It has released some 350 million rupees from its treasury to the FATA mandarinate.
From the gradual establishment of the bureaucratic imperial state based on mandarinate rule during the Sui (589-618) and T'ang (618-907) dynasties down to the Communist Revolution of 1948, a single set of social and economic relations appears to have maintained its grip on the country, evolving only slightly while dynastic successions and military conquests periodically transformed the governmental superstructure.
The car and the dacha thrown in as a bonus to reward services to country, proletariat, output and the Cause clearly prefigure a form of social organization in which money will indeed have disappeared, giving way to honorific distinctions, ranks, a mandarinate of muscle and specialization.
Having the Confucian Heritage practical thriver culture (Low, 2009; 2002; 2011), the Singapore Government relies on the Mandarinate or scholars to administer the Citystate.
Welcome to the Mandarinate. Love what you've done with those fingernails!
After Chinese dynasties and European feudalism, the author then explores evolved political orders and how and why many fell by the wayside: Spain overwhelmed by its parasitic aristocracy; the Ottomans eventually falling prey to lethal dynastic rivalries, notwithstanding their previous circumvention through bureaucratic promotion by merit and mobilisation of forced military conscription; the Chinese utilising competitive examination entry to the mandarinate when attempting to combat the never distant threat of cronyism.
Perhaps this is a symbolic detachment by the mandarinate and the political classes in Ottawa from the concerns, burdens and bothers associated with the care of veterans.
Far from being a model of democracy, the EU is associated with an arrogant, out-of-touch mandarinate that issues rules and edicts with paternalistic and highhanded disregard for ordinary citizens.
This designation has two principal meanings: (1) powerful person; powerful, glorious; (2) title given to very high officials of a kingdom; the highest title in the Khmer mandarinate. See Robert K.