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Noun1.Manda - a Dravidian language spoken in south central IndiaManda - a Dravidian language spoken in south central India
South-Central Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in south central India
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"The rationale for setting a notification threshold is to ensure that MandAs that are more likely to substantially lessen competition are subject to compulsory notification and review, and to exclude those that are less likely to pose competition concerns," he added.
The PCA proscribes three classes of antitrust act or conduct: a) anticompetitive agreements; b) abuse of dominant position; and c) MandAs that substantially prevent, restrict, or lessen competition in the relevant market, or in the market for goods and services determined by the Philippine Competition Commission.
It, however, noted that MandAs may see a slower pace in 2018, with 2019 being the election year and the growth still looking tepid on the economic front.
Against the backdrop of changes since the economic bubble burst such as the unraveling of cross-shareholdings the rise of activist shareholders and the introduction of holding company systems and stock swaps the number of MandAs in Japan started to increase sharply in the late 1990s (Table).
The report provides detailed analysis on mergers and acquisitions (MandAs) activity in the defense industry in 2012 compared to 2011.
In a briefing yesterday, FMIC officials expressed bullishness over developments in the capital market this year as well as in MandA activities.
With the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt recording vibrant merger and acquisition (MandA) activities, the overall deal activity in the first half of 2016 was largely consistent with the same 2015 period despite a sluggish macro-economic situation in the Middle East and Africa at the beginning of 2016, EY said in a report.
The attacks on the Mandas and the Balives are slowly establishing a pattern.