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Variant of Mandaean.
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Noun1.Mandean - a member of a small Gnostic sect that originated in Jordan and survives in Iraq and who believes that John the Baptist was the MessiahMandean - a member of a small Gnostic sect that originated in Jordan and survives in Iraq and who believes that John the Baptist was the Messiah
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
2.Mandean - the form of Aramaic used by the MandeansMandean - the form of Aramaic used by the Mandeans
Aramaic - a Semitic language originally of the ancient Arameans but still spoken by other people in southwestern Asia
Adj.1.Mandean - of or relating to the Mandaean people or their language or culture
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Baptism in rivers is essential to the Mandean religion; the nearest one, the Jordan River, is a two-hour drive away, and Daftar doesn't own a car.
COMEBACK MANDEAN Shiels, main pic, celebrates his goal at Palmerston, inset, and below right with ex-Gers team-mate Chris Hegarty
No one dared say, you are a Christian or a Sunni or a Yazidi or a Mandean,'' he said.
Some believed it had come from the Mandeans (the Mandean love for the rivers and its waters being well known).
Aspects which are pertinent to the routes of transmission are considered in chapter eleven by a consideration of the antecedents of the Mandean book of the Zodiac, and the role and scope of the ancient Near Eastern scribes and scholars working in the divination tradition and their connections to their counterparts working in mathematical astronomy are investigated (chapter twelve).
Among the MSS which the noted humanist, Guarino Veronese, lost when he was shipwrecked, was a copy of the Odes Book II, recensed from a Mandean manuscript.
She includes children whose parents were members of the Ba'athist party as well Mandean Christians and others.
The Mandean religion forbids them to carry guns or engage in any form of violence, making them particularly vulnerable.
Religiously, the overwhelming majority are Shia, some 9 percent are Sunni and the rest are Bahai, Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian and a very small little-known group of the Mandean.
Readers will learn of the relationship of John the Baptist and the Mandean from Sri Lanka; the mystery of Baphomet (the Templar "Demon"); the gnostic and sexual tantric rites practiced by the Knights Templar; the alchemy and mystery of the Black Madonna; secrets of the Rosslyn Chapel and the Sinclairs of Scotland; the mysteries of the Freemasons and Johannites; and the Knight Templars of today.