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Noun1.Mandelshtam - Russian poet who died in a prison camp (1891-1938)
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Eighty years ago, the talented poet Osip Mandelshtam wrote a shocking and accusatory poem against Stalin.
One more method of the choice of the unambiguous solution is the method attributed to Relay providing for introduction of the infinitesimal dissipation equivalent to the Mandelshtam condition.
The symbols of the award are bronze figurines of Katherine II (a great Russian Tsarina), Anna Akhmatova and Osip Mandelshtam (celebrated Russian poets).
And when I met Boris Pasternak's son Zhenya or Osip Mandelshtam's widow, Nadezhda, I knew enough of the lives and writings of Pasternak and Mandelshtam to engage their unbelievably courageous and intelligent families in a rich dialogue.