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n. pl. Mandingo or Man·din·gos also Man·din·goes
See Mande.

[Mande mandeŋga, from mandeŋ, Mande; see Mande.]


n, pl -gos or -goes
1. (Languages) a former name for Mande, Malinke
2. (Peoples) a former name for Mande, Malinke


(mænˈdɪŋ goʊ)

n., pl. -gos -goes, (esp. collectively) -go.
a. (esp. formerly) Mande.
b. a member of a subgroup of Mande-speaking peoples, including the Malinke and Bambara.
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It arrived in Senegal, penetrated to the Fonta-Jallon, visited the Foullah and Mandingo populations, and returned to England without further results.
Une quinzaine de jeunes cineastes vont etre formes par l'organisation a but non lucratif "Mandingo agir pour demain", du 2 au 30 septembre, dans les locaux de ladite structure, en prelude a la sixieme edition de Africa Web Festival, qui va se tenir du 21 au 23 novembre au Palais de la culture d'Abidjan
During the early colonial period, settlements of 'Strangers' were established in the greater Freetown area: Dalmodia (Susu), Bambara Town (Mandingo) and Foulah Town.
The former Associate Justice Ja'neh hails from the Mandingo tribe and is a key leader within the Muslim community.
It is in this context that the accused joined the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO) which since the end of the 1990s gathered supporters of Samuel Does former regime (mainly of the Krahn ethnic group) as well as Mandingo refugees.
In another, Ron signs off as "your Sugar Dad", scrawls eight kisses, and reveals he likes reading novels by American author Kyle Onstot, who penned Mandingo. He says that W.
Michael Johnson, 25, also known as "Tiger Mandingo," pleaded no contest to the charges Thursday, reports said.
Mohamed devotes a chapter to what he calls the Mandingo syndrome, explained here as stereotypes of innate black male athleticism.
(1) The two had first met through a cellphone application often used by queer men to facilitate sexual encounters; Johnson, a twenty-three-year-old Black transfer student and member of the university's wrestling team, employed the username "Tiger Mandingo." (2) That evening, Johnson and his partner had condomless anal sex for the first time.
However, some historians have speculated that Mandingo (West African) Muslims' contact with the Indigenous peoples of the Americas could predate even the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492.
The proportions of circumcised girls are higher in rural areas (34%) than in urban areas (22%), and most ethnic groups concerned by these practices are the Mandingo (82%), Soninke (65%), Pular (65%) and Diola (52%).
This year's bill features a line-up of international musicians, including Brooklyn musician Ashley Paul; Sax Ruins, a sax band formed in 2006 in Tokyo; and Baba Commanadant and The Mandingo Band who will be making their first visit to the UK from Burkina Faso in West Africa.