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n. pl. Mandingo or Man·din·gos also Man·din·goes
See Mande.

[Mande mandeŋga, from mandeŋ, Mande; see Mande.]
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It arrived in Senegal, penetrated to the Fonta-Jallon, visited the Foullah and Mandingo populations, and returned to England without further results.
Johnson as a divisive character on the basis of allegations that the Senator had claimed that Nimba belongs to Gio and Mano tribes alone, with claims that Mandingos do not belong to the county.According to him, Sen.
Soft glowing lights on the fir tree in the corner of the cosy lounge; old friends well met; cards on the mantelpiece; mince pies; crackling logs in the hearth; the kids racing about the place like full blooded Mandingos on heat at 5am.
Land disputes between Mandingos and other ethnic groups in Lofa, Nimba, and Bong counties were being resolved; and no violence erupted surrounding any of these problems.
Members of the Gio and Mano tribes have been massacred by government troops because they are considered supporters of the forces attempting to topple Doe; in turn, rebel troops have attacked members of Doe's Krahn tribe and of the Mandingos, a mercantile tribe considered too accommodating to Doe.
In October 2004, a property dispute escalated into widespread violence between Mandingos, who are predominantly Muslim, and other predominantly Christian ethnic groups.
Specifically, there was tension between ethnic Mandingos, who are predominantly Muslim, and ethnic Lormas, Kisii, and Gbandi, who are a mix of Christian, Muslim, and animist.
Armed bands claiming allegiance to the NPFL launched pogroms against people suspected of being Krahn or Mandingo, another ethnic group regarded as supporters of the Doe government.