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n. pl. Mandinka or Man·din·kas
1. A member of a Mande people inhabiting Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, and Senegal.
2. The Mande language of this people.

[Mandinka Mandiŋka : Mandiŋ, the traditional name of the Mande homeland; see Mande + -ka, person of a certain nationality or tribe.]
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(məˈlɪŋ keɪ, -ki)

n., pl. -kes, (esp. collectively) -ke.
1. a member of an African people of Senegambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, the Ivory Coast, and Mali.
2. a group of dialects, varying in mutual intelligibility, of the Mande language shared by the Malinke, Bambara, and other peoples.
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From the early new wave explosion of Mandinka to the multi-platinum soul of Prince's Nothing Compares to You, there's no denying Sinead had left an indelible mark with her unique image and vocal style.
Los seres humanos de etnia mandinga (o mandinka) que vivian en la parte occidental de lo que hoy llamamos "Africa", por poner un ejemplo, no se representaban su propio territorio, sus fronteras y sus propias instituciones sociopoliticas tal y como los europeos lo proyectaron luego; literalmente, ellos vivian en otro lugar.
Therapy has played a huge part in the Mandinka hitmaker's recovery and she is very vocal on how it has helped pull her back from the brink.
The airline also offered special events organized upon departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle with Congolese music and dancing, Mandinka music and dancing, an African fashion show.
Chapter 1 discusses how the Mandinka migrated to the lower reaches of the River Gambia largely because 'they wanted rich and fertile lands on which to farm' (p.
(19) While Yokoster left his native Ethiopia for political reasons, other African migrants such as Michelle Thea, a Guinean national, left his country as a result of ethnic clashes between Mandinka and Gbereseh-speakers.
So Haley's fictionalized account of a family tree dating back to a Mandinka youth captured by slave traders in the Gambia struck a nerve in the body politic.
And of course, there are other regions along the so-called 'matrilineal belt of Africa' where matriliny and Islam have coexisted, such as among the Mandinka of Senegal, Akan in Ghana, and others.
Interviews were undertaken in English (SS and HS for female participants and KR and HS for male partners and health care workers) and translated when necessary into local languages (Mandinka, Wolof or Fula) by a field support worker.
The epic pilgrimige of a Malian king By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -16 August- 2017:- The tenth mansa (king in the Mandinka language spoken in several African countries) of Mali was Musa I, who ruled from 1312 to 1377.
Mezana Dounia is an album of original, neo-traditional Mandinka music; the West African harp blends with indigenous percussion and imposing lyrics, fully translated for this international release.
The study by Zeitzen (2008:161) in East African Mandinka society reveals that the possession of several wives is seen as an expression of male virility complex.