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Noun1.Manhattan Island - an island at the north end of New York Bay where the borough of Manhattan is locatedManhattan Island - an island at the north end of New York Bay where the borough of Manhattan is located
Greater New York, New York, New York City - the largest city in New York State and in the United States; located in southeastern New York at the mouth of the Hudson river; a major financial and cultural center
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It was the peculiar shape of Manhattan Island, pressed in by arms of the sea on either side, and incapable of comfortable expansion, except along a narrow northward belt, that first gave the New York architects their bias for extreme vertical dimensions.
It obliged the Vaterland to come about in that direction, and made her roll a great deal as she went to and fro over Manhattan Island.
Notwithstanding the house of Miss Emmerson stood in the midst of the numberless villas that adorn Manhattan Island, the habits of its mistress were retiring and domestic.
Sam pulled over, therefore, under the lee of Manhattan Island, and, coasting along, came to a snug nook, just under a steep, beetling rock, where he fastened his skiff to the root of a tree that shot out from a cleft, and spread its broad branches like a canopy over the water.
Of course, Shurat HaDin, the Israeli legal organization that is winning some nice press coverage by pushing this absurd line, is right to point out that Stuyvesant was an anti-Semite: he didn't want Jews to settle on Manhattan island, and he slapped them with a special Jew-tax.
1626: Manhattan island was bought from local Indians by Dutch settler Peter Minuit for trinkets worth about $25.
Once complete, the addition announced yesterday will remove one of the last remaining interruptions to the 32-mile Greenway around Manhattan Island.
1 billion for pulling out of the treacherous Chukchi Sea, where icebergs can be as large as New York's Manhattan island.
We had about 10 places to visit, mostly candy stores and candy makers (another story) scattered throughout Manhattan Island, so we thought we could give Uber a good test drive.
Growing up, living, and learning and working on Manhattan Island, I was exposed to and inculcated with innumerable multicultural forces--immigrants fleeing persecution, Park Avenue dwellers, Washington Heights tenement residents, my fellow Harlem high schoolers, grandparents sharing apartments with their children, and newly minted couples.
When a tour guide takes you on a bus discovering the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn and Harlem, going through Broadway and the Central Park, or when he takes you on a boat ride around the Manhattan island, passing under its famous bridges and watching its spectacular skyline, telling you stories about building and people and history, with passion and a sense of pride, you instantly feel how alive the city is.
A typical KBO along the New Horizons trajectory may be no larger than Manhattan Island and as black as charcoal.

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