bipolar disorder

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bipolar disorder

A mood disorder characterized by manic or hypomanic episodes typically alternating with depressive episodes. Also called manic-depressive disorder.

bipolar disorder


bipolar affective disorder


bipolar syndrome

(Psychiatry) a mental health problem characterized by an alternation between extreme euphoria and deep depression

bipo′lar disor′der

an affective disorder characterized by periods of mania alternating with depression, usu. interspersed with relatively long intervals of normal mood; manic-depressive illness.
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Noun1.bipolar disorder - a mental disorder characterized by episodes of mania and depressionbipolar disorder - a mental disorder characterized by episodes of mania and depression
affective disorder, emotional disorder, emotional disturbance, major affective disorder - any mental disorder not caused by detectable organic abnormalities of the brain and in which a major disturbance of emotions is predominant
cyclic disorder, cyclothymia, cyclothymic disorder - a mild bipolar disorder that persists over a long time
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Sometimes when they are under pressure it can bring out depression, manic depression, bipolar disorder, all different things.
The Rossi family, ie us actors, waiting to go on set, read descriptions of psychosis, manic depression, bipolar etc.
Also known as Manic Depression, bipolar disorder is a mental condition that can make a person's mood cycle from manic highs to depressive lows, and can last for up to months at a time.