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 (măn′ĭ-kē′ĭz′əm) also Man·i·chae·an·ism (-kē′ə-nĭz′əm)
1. The syncretic, dualistic religious philosophy taught by the Persian prophet Mani, combining elements of Zoroastrian, Christian, and Gnostic thought and opposed by the imperial Roman government, Neoplatonist philosophers, and orthodox Christians.
2. A dualistic philosophy dividing the world between good and evil principles or regarding matter as intrinsically evil and mind as intrinsically good.

[From Late Latin Manichaeus, Manichaean, from Late Greek Manikhaios, from Manikhaios, Mani.]

Man·i·chae·an (măn′ĭ-kē′ən) n. & adj.
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(ˌmænɪˈkiːən) or


1. (Other Non-Christian Religions) of or relating to Manichaeism
2. (Theology) chiefly RC Church involving a radical dualism
(Other Non-Christian Religions) an adherent of Manichaeism
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Noun1.Manichaean - an adherent of Manichaeism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.Manichaean - of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of dualism; "a Manichaean conflict between good and evil"
2.Manichaean - of or relating to Manichaeism
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Manichean [ˌmænɪˈkiːən]
A. ADJmaniqueo
B. Nmaniqueo/a m/f
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Grandin concludes The End of the Myth on an even more ominous note, observing that future generations will face a stark choice between "barbarism and socialism, or at least social democracy." Regardless of whether one accepts Grandin's Manichaean prophecy, with all the bitterness of the conflict it foretells, there is no escaping the need to come to terms with the painful legacy that's meticulously revisited in this unsettling book.
The psychology of oppression is not only predicated on the victim's psyche, it also involves the psychology of the oppressor and how they are both yoked in a Manichaean view of things.
Based on Uson's Manichaean logic, anyone who dares to criticize the current administration is automatically a member of the opposition and, by extension, a supporter of the previous administration, thus 'dilaw.'
"The Manichaean narrative presented by Pinker throughout his book pits descendants of the Enlightenment (like himself) against the progressophobes of the counter-Enlightenment, with the former representing everything that Pinker loves--science, reason, progress--and the latter embodying everything he loathes.
In each case he systematically provides the object's present location, its physical dimensions, its provenance if known, whether its script is Estrangela or the so-called "Manichaean," the arrangement of the text, its number of lines, the presence of drawings or other signs, the clients, the contents of the text, references to parallels in other texts, editions of the text, notes to studies about a philological aspect of the text, photograph(s), and notes to the text that tend to focus on linguistic and orthographical issues.
The writer-director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, largely succeeds despite having inherited an elaborate ecosystem with a Manichaean worldview divided between heroes (aka the Resistance) and villains (the First Order).
We in the twenty-first century walk on the graves of those untold millions who perished during the violent twentieth century, and, though we barely admit it to ourselves, let alone others, we are fascinated: we travel to far-off places, to gawk, to learn, to honour, to remember, to mourn, to write, to educate, and, at the end of the day, to holiday and to imbibe and to spend, caught in a Manichaean cycle of revelry and repentance ...
CATHARTIC A Medieval Manichaean sect B Purgative medicine C Orthodox religion who am I?
The subsequent battle of Manichaean forces picks up the action--confusing as it is--before a return to the normal world eighteen years later, now abnormal, with the breakdown of most nation-states.
So if you're a hidden Pelagianist or an unconscious Manichaean, your secret is safe with me.
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But in this fervent state, it turns into a Manichaean struggle of light and darkness.