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n. Archaic
A believer in Manichaeism.

[Middle English, from Late Latin Manichaeus; see Manichaeism.]
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Noun1.Manichee - an adherent of Manichaeism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.Manichee - of or relating to Manichaeism
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On Genesis: Two Books on Genesis Against the Manichees; and, On the Literal Interpretation of Genesis, an unfinished book, Vol.
refuting the Manichees (II: 1, 2), since his reading connects with
Augustine initially professed an affiliation with the Manichees, a dualistic sect popular in his era.
It is usual among the Manichees to raise a further question.
admirably introduces conversation between classic theories like those of the Manichees, Aristotle, Augustine, Nietzsche, and Taoist and Zen masters with novels like Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men--including its film version--and Albert Camus's The Fall.
his wish that the Manichees, who had long dissuaded him from embracing
They were known by various names--Cathars, Waldensians, Manichees, Albigensians and Donatists.
of Portland, Oregon) presents an in-depth analysis of On Genesis, Against the Manichees and Augustine's early responses to the writings of Paul, as expressed in his Expositions of the Psalms, demonstrating in careful detail the development of Augustine's exegetical approach through the use of figurative reading of Biblical texts, particularly the interpretation of the Old Testament.
Augustine is thinking of the Manichees, adherents of the dualist religion with which he himself was long associated prior to his Christian conversion.
His mother Monica, Bishop Ambrose of Milan, various writers and thinkers, several groups of friends, even the heretical Manichees, among others, all serve to lead Augustine on his pathway to conversion.
Esto ocurria en primer lugar en el campo ingles, donde Francis Burkitt publicaba en 1925 The Religion of the Manichees (53), remarcando la relacion entre el maniqueismo y el cristianismo en su vertiente siriaca.
Catholic Christian communities and rival groups" (for example, Jews, Donatists, Manichees; 30); and third, as "models for ideal Christian virtues and behavior" (31).