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Noun1.Manidae - coextensive with the order PholidotaManidae - coextensive with the order Pholidota
mammal family - a family of mammals
order Pholidota, Pholidota - pangolins; in some former classifications included in the order Edentata
genus Manis, Manis - type genus of the Manidae
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1998: Das Philippinen Schuppentier, Manis culionensis (Mammalia: Manidae).
Indian pangolin (Manis crassicaudata; family Manidae; order Pholidota) is one of the eight living species of pangolins of the world.
Cane rat Muridae Black rat Shaggy rat Swamp rat Striped mouse Insectivora Soricidae Nigerian Musk shew Hyracoidea Procavidae Black Giant shrew Pholidota Manidae Western Tree-hyrax Long-tailed/Tree Pangolin REPTILIA Reptila Nile croccodilus Monitor lizard Water moccasin Rock python Green mamba Black cobra Hingeback CLASS SCIENTIFIC NAME CONSERVATION MODE OF POPULATION ORDER STATUS IDENTIFICATION NUMBER MAMMALIA Atilax paludinosus T F 1 Vivvera civetta E F 2 Genetta poensis T F.A 1 Nandinia biotata T I -- Felis serval E I -- Panthera pardus E I.F 1 Aonyx capensis E I -- Vulpes palluda T A 2 Lutra maculicolis T F 1 Phaecechoerus F.A 15 aethiopicus Potamocherus F.A 10 porcus Hippoppotamus amphibious T A.I 1 Syncerus caffer Tragelaphus spekei.