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n.1.The quality or state of being manifest; obviousness.
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If the clearing brings to light the inner-concealedness of things, wherein does such hidden manifestness originate?
Here, the advising meaning results from the manifestness of the speaker's belief that an action can be beneficial for the addressee.
The way they work out the implications of relevance theory--stressing inference (rather than decoding), the cognitive environments of speakers and listeners, manifestness, and ostension--is masterful.
Flowing from the arguments of Cappelen and Lepore, Relevance Theory's notion of manifestness cannot possibly rule out all sorts of content as being manifest in some context or other.
Their topics include contextualisms and propositionalisms, bearers of truth and the unsaid, towards a radically pragmatic theory of the if conditionals, mutual manifestness and the pragmatic marker ne in Mandarin Chinese, the use theory of meaning and the rules of language games, and a game theory approach to the distinction between said and implicated.