Manila paper

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Manila paper

A strong paper or thin cardboard with a smooth finish, usually buff in color, made from Manila hemp or wood fibers similar to it.

Manila paper


Manilla paper

(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a strong usually brown paper made from Manila hemp or similar fibres


(or manil′a) pa`per,

strong, light brown or buff paper orig. made from abaca fiber but now also from other fibers.
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Noun1.Manila paper - a strong paper or thin cardboard with a smooth light brown finish made from e.g. Manila hempmanila paper - a strong paper or thin cardboard with a smooth light brown finish made from e.g. Manila hemp
paper - a material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses
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After the pair of manggas were cut and their edges sewn, the skirt's print/pattern was drawn on Manila paper, which was pinned to the unassembled manggas and baro as guide for embroidering the design.
Then you would put up Manila paper and let me and my friends draw.
I remember teachers who were conferred the 'Hieroglyphics Award' and came to class next semester with their notes legibly written with Pentel pen on large uncut sheets of Manila paper that they then attached to the board with masking tape.
The joyful Ms Mukasia sits on a stool placed at the door leading to the kitchen.At the entry to kitchen, a manila paper with the words: "NO ENTRY TO VISITORS" dangles from a piece of strings at the doorway.
The days of learning calculus and physics with Manila paper and chalk for these students are over.
* 1 2" x 1 8" colored construction paper, 6" x 6" white or manila paper
Tenders are invited for Supply of Manila Paper 2.5mil-100kgs & Manila Paper 4 mil - 50kgs
Supply of 3,200 tons Manila paper to produce cones (used in the spinning industry).
From a lit second floor balcony of their apartment, Lucas flashed messages written in manila paper until he asked for David's hand in marriage.
Yet, the markers and manila paper that would be used to design other teaching materials were given out irregularly.
manila paper to determine their nutritional requirements.
Raggedy Ann or Andy dolls (or similar dolls made of simple shapes), crayons, 12 x 18" (30.5 x 46 cm) manila paper, 4 or 5" (10 or 13 cm) circle templates (plastic lids work well)

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