Manitoba Lake

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A lake of southern Manitoba, Canada, west of Lake Winnipeg and south of Lake Winnipegosis. It is a remnant of the glacial age Lake Agassiz.
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Gunn also described the Lake Manitoba fishery: "In the first week of October what is termed "the fall fishing" begins; scores of Red River inhabitants lash their canoes or skiffs on carts, and trudge over the intervening plains to Manitoba Lake for the purpose of taking whitefish...."(83) With respect to Lake Manitoba, Gunn's report documented important details about the fishery:
Bioregional foods, such as snacks made from wild rice grown in Manitoba lakes without any agricultural inputs and bison burgers from grass-fed, outdoor-raised Manitoba bison, are unique options on campus.
Unfortunately, Manitoba lakes are frozen for five months of the year, and unbearably cold for another four!"
Sixty-five percent of all fish produced in the entire region are from Manitoba lakes.
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